Pregnancy Milestones

Everyone’s pregnancy is completely different, marked by some pretty special milestones. It’s also most definitely a rollercoaster of change for most whether it’s your first, second or third pregnancy. Admittedly I was really fortunate and loved being pregnant, from about week 20,  fully embracing my bump – something which my gran’s generation just didn’t understand! And with a few close friends about to pop in the next few weeks and months it got me thinking about what parts of my pregnancy really stood out for me on reflection.

pregnancy milestones

 1. Positive Change…After doing your first or second pregnancy test and you discover it’s positive; the emotions can be quite overwhelming and surreal.

2. Picture Perfect…Scans for many, including myself, are met with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. However every time I was able to see the tiny person on the screen I could never quite get my head around the fact I was actually growing the little miracle I could see.

3.The First Punch…Depending on how aware you are of your own body, the timing of when you first feel your baby move inside you will vary. At first it feels like butterflies or the sensation of popping candy inside of your belly, before gradually building up to what feels like a boxing match taking place inside you.

4.Carbs and Cravings…I didn’t necessarily have any cravings during my pregnancy but I did develop an appetite for bagels, croissants and pizza, washed down with pints of milk. Carbs where my best friend rather than the enemy. Throughout the last six months while breastfeeding I still can’t get enough of the white stuff.

5.Your Favourite Skinny Jeans Don’t Fit…Pregnancy is not the time to be beating yourself up about bingo wings or obsessing over your waistline. This is the time to celebrate the changes happening to your body, which is working incredibly hard. So when you discover your favourite jeans are a little on the tight side, don’t despair, this just means a new wardrobe is required. And who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping?!

6.New Boobs…If like me you’ve never been blessed up top, this will change during pregnancy. The reality is when you eventually go for a bra fitting you’ll discover you’ve definitely blossomed. Your new bras may however look like parachutes or something from the 1920’s. But they are so comfy.

7. Vanishing Feet…That point when you realise you can no longer see your feet and consequently it’s an uphill struggle to put on your own socks, or paint your toe nails! My husband has kindly assisted me on numerous occasions to put on my socks and has even cut my toe nails but he drew the line when it came to painting my toe nails.

8. New Wheels…There comes a point when all you notice around you are prams and you’ll start to compare them to one and other. I however hated the whole buying of the pram ordeal. As well as being paralysed by choice and jargon, I could also have bought a second had car cheaper compared to some of the models on the market.

9. Nesting…Nesting really is a ‘thing’ and not just an old wives tale. You really will start to frantically clean, tidy and generally get your life organised as the nesting instinct kicks in. Sadly for me it vanished pretty soon after the arrival of the pudding.

10. The Waiting Room…By the time you enter the final stretch you will be itching to meet the little bean, because A your exhausted B you’re fed up people asking if you’ve given birth yet & C you feel like someone has inflated you with a bicycle pump & you now resemble a hot air balloon!

*Would I go through the whole thing again? Absolutely yes.


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