New Beginnings…

Hello! If this is your first visit, then a big welcome. If you’ve visited before, welcome back! There’s a new look & a new feel about the blog. The reason? Well the pudding is now  6 months young & to prevent my brain from turning to glue I’m taking the blog in a new direction. I’ll still be sharing recipes and reviews but there will also be countless musings about motherhood, the good, the bad and the ugly as well as everything in between. There will also be undoubtly more references to gin. 

There is no doubt our lives have changed. Would I change it? Absolutely not. Being mum is however the most difficult job I’ve ever done. You leave the hospital, arrive home in a bubble of sleepless euphoria with a tiny human being, but no one has given you an instruction manual. But in the same breath it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever done & it certainly beats power point presentations, pitches & looming deadlines. 

So sit back & pour yourself a preferably hot cuppa & enjoy the first few new posts beginning with these musings, which I’m sure every new mum can relate to…

1. Dry shampoo will become your new best friend & you’ll have thoughts about chopping off your gorgeous flowing locks. DON’T DO IT!

2. You’ll soon find you’re showering, drying your hair & putting your make up on with an audience.

3. You’ll find yourself throwing death stares to anyone other than a mother who complains of being tired.

4. Baby sick stains will become a new fashion accessory as you discover splatters of the stuff down your shoulder – once you’ve left the house! You’ll soon not give this a second thought.

5. Coffee becomes a necessary, and will keep you busy/feeling human/sane/awake until wine is acceptable. However the reality of enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee (or hot anything for that matter) will be a distant memory for the forseeable future.

6. Pushing a pram or carrying a baby becomes an instant ice breaker and you’ll find yourself becoming very approachable. For the first week strangers will congratulate you on your new arrival and in som parts strangers will chuck money into the pram (Bonus)! And the smiles your partner will receive if he carries the baby in a sling, are priceless. You, however, will be invisible, despite the fact you carried he/she for nine months and the rest….

7. Once you’ve mastered the art of one aspect of motherhood, along comes another obstacle for you to tackle – more on weaning later!

8. Date night means vegging out on the sofa with your partner, hair scrapped back, joggers on, wine in hand, grateful you’ve got through another day.

9. You no longer live for the weekend. You live until he/she is asleep at night 

10. As cliche as it sounds the days are long & smetimes lonely but the weeks and the months go by so quickly. Treasure every moment even the 3am feeds.

11. Do not fret about the tidiness of your home. Perfection is overrated and you don’t live in a showroom, you live in a house that is “lived” in.

12. Sleeping patterns & bowel movements will become hot topics of conversation in your household. Your chat is literally ‘crap’.

13. Do not be disillusioned. If you think the idea of domestic bliss with a newborn resembles that of a Cath Kidson catalogue, think again. It’s unlikely you’ll be glowing, dressed head to toe in everything from Boden, baby in one arm and a Victoria sponge in the oven. 

14. Everyone will have advice but follow your instinct & trust yourself & most importantly be kind to yourself.

15. You may find yourself constantly wearing ‘active wear’, whether it’s pushing the pram, out for coffee or you’re on the school run. This is standard mum attire where we live.  However if you’re concerned you are dressing like a mum in the worst possible sense check out Dress Like A Mum for inspiration. 

16. Having given birth just 6 weeks ago, don’t try and squeeze into your old skinny jeans. This will be depressing. You’re not an A lister’ with a personal trainer, a nutritionist and an army of nannies. You’re human and you’ve just given birth to a tiny human being. Being soft around the edges is okay! I refer you back to point 14.

17. You will find yourself comparing yourself to others and beating yourself up. Everyone however does things differently and there is no right or wrong answer.Support one and other. This isn’t a competition, there is no podium or gold medal in sight.

18. Remember Instagram is not reality. No one shares pictures of the god awful day they’ve encounterd.

19. Key to this whole motherhood game is to make sure there is a bottle of wine in the fridge at all times. For emergencies of course!

20. And most importantly if you think becoming a mum is the end of your previous life and all excitement and freedom has come to an earth shattering end. Think again. This is just the beginning of a new and very exciting chapter. 



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