Hello! Thanks for stopping by. After four years in Edinburgh, followed by three years in London i’m now back in the motherland as a team of four living in Glasgow, with my husband Geoff, ex pro egg chaser, now Doc Cross & Chief Taster and our two toddling dictators.

I’m definitely a feeder who believes everything which is homemade is so much better. And this is definitely the case when it comes to food. By day I’m the Domestic CEO/Goddess (loosely!) of our household. Having worked in the world of PR for nearlly 10 years in Glasgow and Edinburgh I’ve dived straight into the full time job of motherhood, following the arrival of Otto in 2015 and 19 months later Reuben.

While not changing nappies or feeding all three men in my life I can also be found unearthing new coffees shops and topping up my coffee addiction while concocting new recipes aimed to get kids cooking and discovering what’s happening in the world of food and drink.

As well as recipes I’ll also be occasionally sharing my no bulls@#t  musings on all things relating to parenthood and body image, something I’m really passionate about, having battled my own demons and the conflicting messages we’re bombarded with daily.

But the main focus will be encouraging people to get kids into the kitchen. Cooking good honest food, sweet and savoury and gaining an understanding about the wealth of amazing produce we have on our doorstep. I grew up on a farm so I believe I’m really fortunate to have a solid understanding about how are food is sourced. But having lived in some of our biggest cities I know all too well that this is not the case for large numbers of the population.

So if like me you love your food, enjoy your gin you’ll love this blog. I welcome your thoughts so please drop by with your views and news.



Helen x




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