The tropical green giant smoothie…

It’s a new week. The holidays are over. First gymnastics class nailed and of course it’s raining in Glasgow. My sidekick and I have been back in the kitchen, while my littlest sidekick naps and we’re bringing you our new favourite green smoothie recipe to kick off your week. So at least you can pretend to be wholesome for one day and the kids will love blitzing all the ingredients together. It’s another easy recipe to get little cooks into the kitchen.I’m looking forward to bring ing you lots of  new recipes more regularly now, specifically to encourage toddlers and children to get involved in the heart of the home.

We’re off to shelter from the rain in the transport museum!

1. Place half a fresh mango, one frozen banana, 2 good handfuls of spinach and pour 500ml of pineapple juice into a food blender.

2. Blitz until smooth and divide between four small cups. Feel free to serve over ice if you wish.


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