Review: East London Baby Co

Since the birth of Otto in 2015 most of my jewellery has laid dormant in a box. Apart from my wedding band and engagement ring, earrings, necklaces and bangles are today rarely worn, as the consequences would result in ears, necks and arms pulled and tugged.

However, what if there was a piece of jewellery that not only looked like something you would normally wear but also served another purpose, to distract babies while you breastfed, could be chewed and was durable? Step forward Katie Barker, founder of East London Baby Co and the first small business, which I’ll be shining the spotlight on in 2017, giving qudos to women who are combining both motherhood and entrepeneurialship, no mean feat! 

Following the birth of her daughter Beatrix in 2016, Katie couldn’t find a necklace, which she would want to wear and would also distract baby Bea while she fed. As someone who loves craft she has lovingly created East London Baby Co. Her two collections, the Flora collection and the Elements collection boast a range of beautiful and stylish necklaces made from food-grade silicone, the same materials used in silicone baking moulds and most bottle teats. And there is a colour for every taste.

Designed and made from her home in East London, Katie also does bespoke creations and the beautiful packaging also means the necklaces make for a great gift for any mum or mum to be. 

I’ve put them to the test, choosing the Earth necklace, and from an aesthetic perspective you would never know what the purpose of the necklace was. In fact friends without children have been very complimentary and have asked where my necklace is from. 

However they also really do serve the purpose they were designed for. Baby Reuben is a bit of a nipple grabber while he’s feeding. So the necklace is a great distraction and prevents his hands from wandering where they shouldn’t be wandering to. I only wish I had worn one when Otto was feeding. Here’s hoping it also serves as an alternative to my arm or leg when Reuben’s teeth come in. If he’s like his big brother he’ll be a biter!


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