Transformation Tuesday…

My morning beauty regime is basic. Wash face, clean teeth, splurge on a bit of Aldi day cream and after a couple of swipes of the mascara wand I’m good to go. So it’s fair to say i’m no makeup expert. In fact my makeup bag is a bit of an embarrassment. There are lip glosses a little past their best lurking at the bottom and mascara’s that have dried out and not quite up to their intended job of plumping and adding volume.  And the last time I wore foundation was on my wedding day, in fact I don’t actually own a foundation.

What’s more the relationships I’ve had with makeup have been a bit flaky. I’ve experimented with green eye shadows resembling more like que chalk in my teens and I’ve attempted to even out my ‘flaws’ with my mum’s liquid Estee Lauder foundation. The results were not flawless! I’m certainly not loyal, having flirted with Benefit cosmetics, dated Bare Minerals before having a bit of a love affair with Bobbi Brown.

Although not loyal I do believe makeup allows you to express yourself and just like wearing a pair of killer shoes, it also allows you to step out in confidence and shine. If you have a favourite lipstick nailed to your armoury, you might just feel like you can take on the world. 

So with a makeup bag in desperate need of detoxing, cleansing and generally revamping I was excited to hear from my friend Becki who has begun working with the online makeup brand Younique. Having nothing to loose and a tired heavily pregnant face needing a little TLC, a new look and a touch of glamour I put one of the presenter kits to the test. Complete with lotions and potions for moisturising and uplifting the products have received the thumbs up from me.

If like me you’re often pressed for time and there are probably men walking this earth who take longer in front of the mirror, neither of the looks above took any longer than 10 minutes to complete. Here’s the low down on my favourites from the kit…

Getting started….The building block for both, was the light BB cream and although at first when applying it I thought it was heavy, it actually goes on really easily and the coverage is great. A little goes a long way. The tone was also the perfect match for my pasty skin and I would go as far as saying it beats my Bobbi Brown BB cream. I have however stuck with my Bobbi Brown bronzer for a sunkissed winter glow.

It’s all in the eyes…The Moodstruck Addiction shawdow pallete provides a gorgeous range of autumnal colours which will allow you to go from day to night without lots of different eye shadows clogging up your makeup bag.

Pump up the volume…I normally buy a really cheap mascara and I’ve never worn false eyelashes but Younique’s Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes + are revolutionary and will really allow your lashes to speak volume. It comes in two parts but again is easy to apply and both parts apply as if using a normal mascara wand. Apply the liquid gel to your lashes, then apply the fibre lashes using the second wand and seal using the liquid gel wand again. You control how much volume you want to create.

Kissable lips…The lip stains are great for a touch of instant glamour and I love the deeper reds. But my favourite, which I have been happily using daily is the Lip Bon Bon tinted lip moisturuser. The Red Velvet Cake colour is fab. It looks great for day time and it really does help to soften and moisturise, dry cracked lips. 

All I need now is a date night in the next week so I can get dolled up. If not I may just add some glamour and style when I next head out to the park, playgroup or supermarket!


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