Not just any baby food…

I’m a sucker for lovely packaging. It could be hiding a multiple of sins and I would still be seduced to reach out and buy it. And the first thing that won me over when the lovely people at Babease sent me some of its new baby food range to try, was indeed the packaging. 

Although of course one should never judge a book by it’s cover, no matter how pretty the cover is, Babease is on to a winner due to the contents beneath the packaging. When it comes to starting your little human on it’s journey of new tastes, textures and flavours, especially those who are veggies, Babease is taking weaning in a new and exciting direction.

The pudding, aka Otto, is already well on the road to devouring foods in their whole form and has an appetite to match his dad’s. However this didn’t stop him, or me for that matter, from putting the new range to the test. 

Founded by trained chef Tom Redwood the focus of  Babease is on using vegetables, grains, seeds and pulses and never uses fruit fillers. Therefore in contrast to a lot of other baby food on the market, the meals contain far fewer fruit sugars. With the addition of herbs and spices the food is balanced and nutritionally dense and is setting up developing palates to have a good solid foundation and hopefully have a healthy appetite in the long term.

What’s more there are a range of different and exciting ingredients you wouldn’t expect to find in bought baby food, including coconut water, kale, chickpeas, fennel, sage and cumin, which adds a little more to this new brand and certainly caught my attention.

There are currently 13 products on the market. The stage one range includes, sweet potato, butternut squash and pear; sweet potato, pear with coconut water, brown rice and quinoa; and also pumpkin and pea. The stage two range moves up a gear when it comes to expanding your baby’s palate and includes meals I would consider preparing for myself, including, butternut squash, quinoa and beetroot with onion and sage; chickpea, pumpkin, tomato and coconut cream with herbs and mild masala; aswell as brown rice rice, swede, courgette and kale with onion garlic and thyme.

Now, yes we would all love to have time to lovingly prepare batches of homemade goodness to match these flavour combinations. But when pressed for time as we all are,  there is always going to be a place for convenient  sachets and there should be no shame attached as they are an excellent way to introduce new foods and textures to little people. And when you’re on the go they are also great to have stashed away in your bag for hunger emergencies, preventing episodes of meltdowns due to severe tummy rumblings. 

In addition the people behind Babease are also thinking about the mums. I know for a fact you’re own eating habits can get a bit sloppy when you’re looking after a small person. I’ve been guilty of self neglect when it comes to meal times. So to inspire mums in the kitchen, each packet also has a quick, easy and nutritious recipe for them, including homemade granola, sweet potato soup and gluten free pancakes. So both your tastebuds and your little human’s tastebuds are in for a treat.

* Babease very kindly set us a selection of its new range to try but I would never endorse a product I wouldn’t buy myself and use.


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