Cherry Salad & Sundaes…

Cherries are the dark Jewel in amongst July’s rich pickings of delicious and colourful seasonal fruit. And I love them. So when they are in season for such a small window of opportunity I go a little crazy and buy in abundance.

I could happily sit and eat a punnet in one sitting or dipped in chocolate they are a great alternative to strawberries and children love getting in on the action, especially when there is chocolate involved. Who doesn’t love licking the bowl or their fingers when covered in chocolate!?

Perfectly matched with chocolate but also great with yogurt as my easy peasy child friendly cherry sundae will show you. Cherries are however very versatile and work surprising well in salads as well as in desserts. This week I’m sharing two very simple and very tasty recipes which make the most of one of my favourite summer fruits. Make the most of them while you can.

Cherry Couscous Salad…

1. Begin my placing 2 cups of couscous into a pot with 2 tsp.of bouillon vegetable stock powder. Cover with boiling water and allow to soak until the water has been completely absorbed. Season with sea salt and pepper and fluff the couscous with a fork.

2. Bring another pan of water to the boil and cook 200g of runner beans, topped and tailed, for three minutes. Drain the beans.

3. To build the salad place 200g of rocket into a large bowl, top with the couscous and runner beans. Halve and destone 300g of cherries. If children are helping make sure an adult supervises as removing the stones can be super tricky. Pop the cherries into the bowl and finish with a good handful of almond flakes, toasted for a minute on a dry heat.

4. Serve with crusty bread and a balsamic vinegar dressing made from 6tbsp. of olive oil, 2 tbsp. of balsamic vinegar and season with salt and pepper.

{Serves four}

Cherry Sundaes…

1. In a bowl mix together 4tbsp. of full fat creme fresh and 8 tbsp. of full fat real Greek Yogurt and 1tsp. of vanilla bean paste.

2. Remove the stones and cut into quarters 100g of cherries. Keep four whole cherries to the side.

3. To build the sundaes take two glasses and place three tsp. of black cherry jam into the bottom of each glass. Then top with 3 tbsp. of the yogurt mixture and divide the cherries between the two glasses, placing them on top of the yogurt. Top each glass with another 3tbsp. of yogurt and finish by adding 2 whole cherries to the top of the sundae.

{Serves two or double the recipe to make four}


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