Orange & Sultana Muffins…

Take one napping baby (who has decided it’s acceptable to rise at 5am every single morning) a bowlful of oranges and way too many baking ingredients in the pantry and you’ve got my recipe for orange and sultana muffins, or sunshine muffins as I like to call them because they smell and taste like summer. 

Zesty and fruity, they are perfect with a cuppa out in the sun and are easy peasy, allowing little bakers to get in on the action too. Little appetites will also love these fruity treats. Just ask Otto!

1. Preheat the oven to 180C and grease 9 muffin cases. I used silicon cases which means the muffins should just pop out without having to grease the cases with butter.

2. Gently melt 75g of unsalted butter in the microwave or on the hob and set aside. Sift 250g of self raising flour into a bowl, 75g of ground almonds, along with 50g of caster sugar and 1tsp of baking powder. 

3. Add the dry ingredients to the butter and add in one egg. Mix everything together and then add 100ml of full fat milk and 100ml of orange juice. Fold all the ingredients together into a smooth mixture.

4. Finally gently fold the zest of one large grated orange and a handful of sultanas into the mixture and divide the mixture between nine muffin cases. Bake in the oven for 20 – 30 minutes at 180C until golden brown. 


2 thoughts on “Orange & Sultana Muffins…

  1. Diana says:

    What have I told you- have mercy, you’re making me do math!!!
    1/3 Cup butter
    2 Cups SR Flour
    1/4 Cup Sugar
    1/2 Cup Milk
    1/2 Cup OJ
    Bake at 350 F

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