The Breakfast of Champions…

We’re creature of habits in our household when it comes to breakfast. Whether it’s January or July all three of us will be found tucking into a hearty bowl of porridge. In fact porridge is something of a religion when it comes to our morning ritual and it’s the only way to properly kick start your day, allowing you to feel fuller for longer. That and a large cup of coffee.

As affaniandos of porridge,  myself, the Chief Taster and the Mini Taster could not wait to put Stoats‘ new range of porridge sachets to the test, ideal for those on the go, as well as the Scottish brand’s new muesli, which has evolved in response to customer demand.
Stoats has been delivering porridge oat products to people up and down the country and further afield since 2005, via oat bars and porridge pots, helping people to fuel their day in a healthy and convenient way.

The new porridge sachets will be available in four different flavours; Original, Multigrain, Cranachan and Hedgerow and the new Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli will be available in two flavours; Triple Berry and Hedgegrow.

Having received a selection of the new products the front runner was definitely the Hedgegrow muesli. Unlike other muesli brands on the supermarket shelf, which are sickly sweet this one was not. Instead it’s quite refreshing and fruity and tastes natural and wholesome as a muesli should. It’s ideal served on it’s on with milk or tastes sublime sprinkled over Greek yoghurt with maple syrup drizzled over the top.

The porridge sachets are perfect if you’re rushing out the door in the morning. Just three minutes in the microwave and breakfast is served. Or stash them in your bag for later if you’re really pushed for time.

I however prefer to cook my porridge in a pot on the hob with full fat milk and this too works. The original porridge with raspberries added on top, tasted like my breakfast does every morning, filling and delicious. However the multigrain porridge, which includes chai seeds, has a little more substance to it and was my overall favourite. It really does feel like your enjoying a nutritious start to your stay.

Now cranachan is one of my favourite puddings but sadly the cranachan porridge wasn’t for us. It was a little too sweet on the tastebuds and reminded me of strawberry and cream flavoured hard boiled sweets from my childhood. The Hedgegrow porridge didn’t tickle my tastebuds either as I think I prefer my porridge plain and wholesome and this was just a little too synthetic for my liking.

There were however no complaints from the mini taster, who wolfed an entire plateful of the stuff down and has his appetite continues to grow I think this is a brand that is also going to grow and develop, taking the humble oat to exciting new heights.

* Stoats kindly sent me a selection of its new range and I only endorse products I would buy myself or recommend to a friend.

Stoats Porridge Sachets and Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli are now available to purchase on, Amazon and through UK wholesalers, including Hider Food. Further rollout is planned across UK retailers throughout 2016, with a supermarket listing scheduled for September 2016.  

Original Porridge Sachets 40g (x6) and Multigrain Porridge Sachets 40g (x6) are available at an RRP of £2.39. Cranachan Porridge Sachets 40g (x5) and Hedgerow Fruit Porridge Sachets 40g (x5) are available at an RRP of £2.99. 

Triple Berry Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli 500g and Hedgerow Rustic Scottish Oat Muesli 500g are available at an RRP of £3.99. 


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