Introducing MINI A…


Meeting Allison Allan, the designer behind childrenswear brand MINI A, for the first time is awe inspiring. The grit and determination she has shown since her life took an unexpected turn in 2009 after moving from New Zealand to London is admirable to say the least.

At the age of 25 she suffered a major stroke that left her in a coma for four weeks. When she woke she discovered she couldn’t use the right side of her body and was unable to talk. Over the course of the next three years Allison was faced with having to learn how to walk, talk and communicate again. However her creative streak was very much still alive, giving her focus and drive. This in turn helped to push her forward, allowing her to pursue her dreams.

Having studied Design in New Zealand and as the daughter and grand-daughter of two talented seamstresses, clothes and fashion design was very much in her blood. Through relentless hardwork she taught herself to sew using only her left hand and following her successful rehabilitation Allison has fulfilled one of her dreams through the launch of MINI A.

Allison’s collection of beautiful and practical baby and toddler wear are all individually designed and made using New Zealand merino wool, organic cotton and cotton with a focus on sustainability as well as environmentally and ethical friendly manufacturing. The fabrics are also recyclable and biodegradable.

Having spent a year in New Zealand I know that kiwi’s hold merino wool, which is ideal for little ones, in high regard and Allison is no different. The reason why you ask? Merino wool is soft, breathable and elastic but it’s also great for all seasons as it’s a natural temperature controller.

As well as a range of light but warm and cosy tops,quirky leggings, hats, booties and her trademark personalised bodysuits, Allison has also recently added a super warm and practical personalised hoodie to the MINI A collection, which comes in grey, pink or navy. And I can vouch that it also washes VERY well.

The personalisation of the products makes them great for gifts and the gift wrapping adds something a little extra and also highlights the love that Allison devotes to this exciting new chapter. This is one woman not looking for the sympathy vote but one who can show you that anything is possible and no obstacle is too great.

 * I only endorse products I would use myself or recommend to a friend.


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