Weaning *pours herself a large G&T*

Over the last few months my culinary skills have been reduced to mashing, blending and blitzing avocado, banana and sweet potato as I begin to introduce the pudding to the wonderful world of food, gradually reclaiming my boobs and becoming less of a milk machine.

I was really looking forward to kick starting Otto’s weaning journey, introducing him to new tastes and textures and lovingly preparing batches of homemade meals for the pudding to enjoy around the dinner table with us.

Oh how very wrong I was. My illusion of weaning was shattered very quickly.The reality being very very different to what Annabel Karmel’s shiny glossy books and apps would have you believe. This is what we’ve learnt so far…

  1. Having a baby is like announcing you’re getting married. What I mean is you might as well add on a few extra ££££ to baby equipment. You could spend a small fortune on a high chair. I didn’t. Our one was £30 from Aldi. Nutribullet even sells blending equipment for your baby food! A hand held blender for change of £10 will do the same job.

2. I have spent many a Sunday evening preparing and blending homemade spag bol and fish pie, only for it to be chewed and spat out or thrown on the floor. DON’T take it personally or be disheartened.Try, try again.

3. Expect a mess. Whether you’re doing baby led weaning or spoon feeding, weaning is messy. So much so you wonder if indeed any nutrients are absorbed as most of the food will end up on the floor or smeared over the face of the baby!

4. You will be surprised how much food you can disguise by covering it in yoghurt.

5. Mashed banana will be your go too food. It will be a guaranteed winner. Until, one day for no reason they will refuse point blank to eat another spoonful of it. And your back to the very beginning all over again.

6. I’ve also spent a good long while with my mouth wide open in an attempt for the pudding to mimic my facial expressions and devour some food. I’ve also spent quite some time pretending his spoon is an aeroplane doing aerobatics high up in the sky in an attempt for him to eat another mouthful.

7. The experts will tell you, introducing green vegetables early on will set down the foundations for a healthy appetite in the future. How many children do you know who will happily tuck into a plateful of peas and brocolli?!

8. I wish I had invented Ella’s Kitchen. The man was a genius. And whatever you do, do not feel guilty, these pouches are a saving grace. (Other brands are available. Infact Aldi’s Mamia range is brilliant and half the price). If you’re pressed for time and there are no bananas in the fruit bowl they work wonders.

9. Enjoy the changeable facial expressions when you introduce a new food group. They will look happy one minute and by the time the next spoonful comes around they will look horrified, as if you’re fed them battery acid.

10. Finally you will need a huge dollop of patience and perserverance and probably a large G&T! 


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