Mothers Meeting; networking with a difference…

A couple of weeks ago I met with forty creative and savvy women who also happened to be mums. And along with the pudding I pulled on my trainers and I went “networking” with a refreshing twist.

Having worked in the world of PR for the best part of the last 9 years I’ve gone to numerous networking events and in all honesty after a while they all become a little mundane. There’s awkward chit chat, soggy sandwiches and canapes, and an endless supply of fresh orange juice. Or if you’ve lucked out there will be wine.

However the creative hub that is Mothers Meeting founded by Jenny Scott and author of How to be a Hip Mum without Loosing Your Cool has reinvented networking as you know it. There is not a stuffy suit in sight and there is no corporate jargon to be heard.

Bringing together creative and talented women from all walks of life, netwalking allows mums to escape day time TV and meet likeminded women who are looking for an alternative to soft play and don’t want to talk about their little darlings sleep patterns or bowel movements. 

Instead this is an opportunity to get out into the great outdoors, meet and share ideas about business ventures or just chat with likeminded women about the actual reality of motherhood. After all it’s not always a walk in the park.

 So given the pudding and I spend alot of our time marching around parks which is great for my thighs, we headed to one of my favourite spots right on my doorstep, Richmond Park along with a wide range of other women, from actresses, models, art gallery owners to PRs and barbers as well as their kids.

We walked and we talked and listened to some other inspirational women who after becoming mothers have also begun new chapters for themselves. After all becoming a mum is not the end, it’s just the beginning.

Aisha Carrington is a mum of one and a personal stylist and makeover queen. She meets lots of women who have spent the last nine months of life in fashion limbo and after giving birth realise they are in the dark as to what is in fashion and what they feel comfortable wearing. She helps them to feel confident and look great again as they step out in their new role. (This could be a whole blog post in itself!)

I also met Steph Douglas who runs Don’t Buy Her Flowers. Having received a lot of flowers after giving birth, she realised as lovely as flowers are, what you don’t need is something else to look after when you’re looking after a tiny new person. This thought led to the launch of her fab business, providing gift packages for new mums, full of all the essentials from gin, chocolate, dry shampoo and much much more. Genius!

All in all a great way to kickstart my week and who knows it may just have incentivised me to pursue a new chapter in 2016 while also doing the best job in the world – mum to the pudding. 


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