Festive Crumble

So it turns out the sleep thief, milk monster and the attention seeking black hole that is our 7 month old makes it quite difficult to keep the blog up to date. So to make up for the blogging lapse over the last couple of weeks here is a new recipe for festive crumble, using apples and cranberries. Crumble makes up for everything & who doesn’t love crumble!?

Cranberry & Apple Crumble

1. Begin by coaring and chopping four large apples of your choice. Place them in a deep baking dish along with 300g of fresh or frozen cranberries. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the top of the fruit and 1tsp. of ground cloves.

2. For the crumble add 3 cups of plain flour to a large mixing bowl. Add two cups of porridge oats and 1 cup of caster sugar. Next add 150g of softened unsalted butter cubed. Using your fingers rub all the ingredients together until a crumble mixture has formed.

3. Add the crumble mixture to the top of the fruit and bake in a pre heated oven set at 180c for 6O minutes. Finally put the crumble under the grill for a couple of minutes to turn the top golden brown.


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