Stylish Dribble Monsters…

Baby bibs; not to be overlooked. In fact as I have learned over the last seven months they are an essential item. And as the pudding appears to be constantly on the teething cycle, without actually any sign of a tiny little tooth breaking through, our own little dribble monster can go through as many as three or four bibs in one day. Adding to my monstrous laundry pile.

Due to their necessity there are no shortage of bibs on the market. But there are also no shortage of flimsy and gimmicky bibs on the market. My go to favourites however are by Jack & Jillaroo. Lovingly handmade from a kitchen table in South West London, these gorgeous bibs which are made from 100% cotton material on the front and organic bamboo cotton towelling on the reverse are not only practical and stylish but they also make for great gifts. In fact they have been my go to gift for all my friends over the last 18 months who have had babies.


With the festive season fast approaching, Jack & Jillaroo has just released it’s Christmas collection. The ideal stocking filling or gift for the little people in your life. The double sided bibs come in three different designs, priced at £9.99 each and my favourite has to be the polar bear design above. I also love the fact they’re unisex in their design and colours.

  But what makes these bibs any different from the rest I hear you ask? Well first I’m a huge supporter of independent businesses run by creative and talented mums. And Jack & Jillaroo is run by two mums, who make bringing up a family and running a business look like a breeze!

A huge amount of love and attention has also been taken to select a wide range of gorgeous prints for the bibs, burp cloths and also the leggings, which launched earlier this year and are all handmade rather than mass produced.

Most importantly, however the fabric used is super absorbent, soaking up dribbles, while protecting little chests and ensuring your little bean also stays dry and warm during the cooler weather. The bamboo cotton towelling used is also very breathable, making them ideal for the summer months. There’s no chaffing or itching and the bibs are ideal for those with sensitive skin. A big bonus is they fasten securely at the back, as like socks, you can easily loose a large number of bibs, never to be found ever again! 

You should also check out the range of Milk & co. products, which they stock, for both baby and also mum, if you’re looking to treat yourself. 

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* I only endorse products I use myself & would recommend to a friend.


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