{Easter} Kitchen Musings…

  • The Scotch Egg is normally associated with the quintessential British picnic basket. However London’s famous high end food and drink specialists, Fortnum & Mason, who did in fact create the Scotch Egg back in 1738, has given it a seasonal twist to celebrate Easter. The Chotch Egg is the world’s first gourmet chocolate scotch egg. Expertly crafted by Executive Chef, Sydney Aldridge, the free-range egg with a vibrant orange yolk has been wrapped in British outdoor-reared Venison and 55% Valrhona dark chocolate. It’s also been infused with Juniper berries and is finished with a crisp layer of homemade breadcrumbs. What’s not to love!?
  • If however you gave up chocolate for lent and you’re looking forward to making up for the tough sacrifice you have had to endure then check out these beautiful chocolate eggs for under £20 to tease you before Easter Sunday.
  • Whether you’re looking to bake a batch of hot cross buns or you want inspiration for a relaxing brunch menu or you’re responsible for the Easter Sunday lunch, Delicious Magazine has plenty of food for thought to help you pull out all the stops.
  • Finally, wine expert Olly Smith has also got your wine sorted for the weekend. After all what’s a good meal without something equally as delicious to wash it down with! He’s selected his three top tipples from Aldi, which he’s paired with some of your favourite Easter dishes.

I for one hope I’ll be hatching my own little spring chicken over the weekend. In the meantime I’ll be sure to keep telling myself the chocolate eggs I plan to scoff are purely because of my cravings – who’s going to get in the way of a nine month pregnant woman and her favourite chocolate!.

Have a wonderful relaxing Easter weekend everyone.

H x


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