There’s no new recipe post this week. The reason, I’ve finally succumbed to the nesting instinct – well sort of! Admittedly I have enlisted the support of a cleaner, who has a tremendous work ethic, which would definitely impress the TV cleaning duo Kim and Angie (I sadly didn’t inherit my mother’s skill for creating a tidy home). The skirting boards are sparkling and the kitchen is spotless. Which is just as well, because for the last two weeks I’ve been cooking enough food to fuel a small army and if a famine strikes London in the coming weeks we’ll be well nourished.

With the imminent arrival of baby Cross fast approaching I’ve been making batches, pots, jars and tubs of homemade goodness. I’ve filled all the Tupperware dishes in my possession and the freezer is satisfyingly packed and filled to bursting point.

The reason? Well as many of friends and family have informed me in the coming weeks I will be sleep deprived and exhausted and cooking will be the last thing on my mind between changing nappies, feeding and trying to catch some shuteye myself. So to make things a little easier, and to prevent me from dialling the local pizzeria, preparation in advance will ensure there is a range of homecooked meals, ready waiting in the wings, to help fuel me through the long days and nights ahead.

Having poured over my plethora of cooking books and searched the internet for inspiring tasty recipes these are my top meals ideal for batch cooking; lasagne, cannelloni, vegetable chili, chicken casserole, pork casserole, mushroom and nutmeg soup, pea and mint soup as well as carrot and ginger soup.

Also to prevent me from skipping breakfast or for delving in to the convenient sugar rich cereal packets, making jars of homemade granola and preparing pots of bircher muesli the night before will help kick-start my day in the right direction.

And if like me your concerned about dipping energy levels and you want to resist the biscuit tin, swap your chocolate digestives for homemade date and oat bars or banana flapjacks, which can also be made in advance and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

If you have any great recipe ideas, ideal for freezing, especially to help fuel your recovery after pregnancy and provide some much needed energy I would love to hear from you.




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