Eating for Two…

This week I hit the 36 week mark. Admittedly my eating habits have changed and my desire to be in the kitchen cooking and baking has definitely lessened. Not great when you’re trying to write a food blog. The local pizzeria on the other hand has been very appealing!

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster. The reality is your emotions and hormones will often seem out of control as will your appetite. My husband will confirm this. He really has been a saint.

What’s more you’ll be bombarded by news flashes in the media and on the internet about what you can and can not eat, intensifying your worries even greater. Information isn’t always powerful, it can often be quite overwhelming. If you go digging to deep, as I have discovered, it will heighten your levels of paranoia.The chances are in the first few months, if like me, you’ll be pretty paranoid and little worries will become magnified very quickly. If in doubt always consult your GP or midwife.

Throughout pregnancy your body is hostage to biology. It’s changing beyond your control and you simply have to hold up your hands and go along on the ride. Everyone is very different. You’re growing a tiny miracle and it’s important to fuel you’re own body as well as that of the new person growing inside you.

These are my wise words about generally looking after “you” during pregnancy…

  • Now is not the time to consider going on a diet. Eating healthy is key but don’t cut back. A healthy and balanced diet is really important, especially to maintain your energy levels during each trimester. This is a great source, providing information on healthy eating during pregnancy and my best friend posted me a copy of 100 Best Foods in Pregnancy, which is also a really great resource.
  • However don’t use the excuse your eating for two people to indulge. You don’t actually need to increase your calorie intake until the last trimester, when it’s recommended you increase it by 200 calories. Little and often is key to sustaining a healthy diet and more often than not you’ll find after a big meal you’ll find there is no more room for an extra helping. Remember there is another person growing inside you.
  • Be kind to yourself. Although devouring a bakers dozen of doughnuts in one sitting is not advisable if you need a sugar hit then enjoy a slice of your favourite cake.  Everything in moderation. Likewise, listen to your body and if you think you need to put your feet up then you probably do.
  • Although you’ll not be in training for a marathon exercise is also really important preparation for labour and will help develop your new baby. I loved swimming during the first two trimesters but by the third trimester I felt like a Christmas bauble without the glitter! As well as daily walks I have also fallen in love with pregnancy yoga. It’s not only relaxing but also helps to strengthen your mind and body and improves flexibility.
  • At the very beginning I found it very difficult to say goodbye to some of my favourite vices, namely coffee, red wine, blue cheese and pate. However you very quickly learn to adapt and find favourable alternatives. Fizzy water with cordial served in a wine glass works wonders as a pre dinner tipple!  Homemade hummus served with slices of a crusty loaf of bread is also a great subsitute for pate.
  •  You’re body will change. But except and celebrate this change. I admittedly found the change all a bit overwhelming but have grown to love my bump and my new boobs! This is an exciting chapter. Remember your body is an incredible machine and the changes that are taking place are helping to develop and grow a new addition to your new family. People will tell you to enjoy this time, and really you should, as it will be over in a flash.

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