{New Year} Kitchen Musings…

You’ve no doubt over indulged over the festive “feasting” period, eaten a little too much chocolate, finished off one too many chipolatas sausages and drunk a few too many glasses of champagne. However January really isn’t the month to completely detox. It’s one of the coldest and darkest months in the calendar, so not the time of year to be resolving to only drink carrot juice and eat solely platefuls of kale!

  • This is the month to embrace new things and try new recipes. Last year four gorgeous ladies made their mark creating delicious and healthy recipes, which really caught our imaginations and their set to do great things in 2015. So if you haven’t yet discovered Deliciously Ella, The Hemsley Sisters or Honestly Healthy, do so today. You’ll be inspired by their healthy recipes, which don’t sacrifice flavour or fun when it comes to eating.
  • I’m sure a few of you have also decided to lock up the drinks cabinet this month and attempt a ‘Dry January’. As we’re expecting our first child in April I’ve been embarking on a dry period for quite a few months now and my favourite G&T has been under lock and key. As an alternative however I’m loving Heartsease Farm’s range of sparkling spring water made from natural ingredients and expertly blended with their own spring water on their farm in Wales. There are six great flavours to choose from but my favourites have to be the Elderflower Presse and the Fiery Ginger Beer.
  • Back north of the border 2015 will mark the Year of Food and Drink Scotland, an opportunity to celebrate and promote Scotland’s natural larder and quality produce to locals and visitors. Each month there will be a focus on a specific theme and in January the spotlight will be on traditional foods.
  • And while on we’re on the subject of all things traditional and Scottish we can’t forget about Burns Night on the 25th of January. To celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our infamous national bard, Robert Burns, why not be inspired by some of Macsween’s very own haggis dish ideas. We’ll certainly be introducing our southern friends in London to our national dish!

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