Monday’s Kitchen Musings….

  • It’s officially September, the sun has gone into hiding, which means my Avoca soup book is back in my kitchen, promising to deliver hearty & nutritious goodness in the months ahead.
  • And what goes best with soup? Without a doubt slices of warm homemade bread. But why not try your hand at baking a loaf of sourdough bread. Today marks the start of Sourdough September, launched by the Real Bread Campaign.
  • To celebrate Sourdough September and for a chance to chat about all things food related foodie enthusisasts in Edinburgh can join the Total Food Geeks Edinburgh at Café St Honore on Thursday 25th September at 7pm.
  • Stylist Magazine has certainly helped to banish the blues  today. If you love nothing more than a cheeky spoonful of nutella staright from the jar or you’re favourite chocolate treat is a bar of Galaxy, check out these delicious recipes made from our all time guilty pleasures.
  • Still thinking about dessert? Then check out my review of The Pudding Bar, in London’s Soho. According to the team behind this sweet nugget, the pudding IS officially the new main course.
  • Finally, one of our favourite bloggers at HQ, The Little Loaf, has been working with the talented food photographer Helen Cathcart on a new cook book, Homemade Memories, to be revealed next year. Check out all the hard work behind the scenes here.






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