The Magnum

Your best friend should be loyal, honest and reliable. These attributes are also what every one wants in their favourite pub, especially on a Sunday for a long lunch, the day after the night before! There are no shortages of good pubs serving up good honest scran in Edinburgh.

The Queens Arms and Teuchters in the West End are two of my favourites. But what of The Magnum on the corner of Albany Street in Edinburgh’s New Town? I’ve frequented this contemporary but cosy pub on a number of occasions for a drink or two, but never for food. With a rare weekend to ourselves The Chief Taster and I booked a table to put its lunch menu to the test.

As you would expect for a Sunday at 1pm everyone was very relaxed and chilled adding to its appeal. The menu was also very appealing and varied. Always a sucker for soup, this was the option for my  starter. Today’s soup was roasted cherry tomato and chili. Served with sundried tomato bread, which would have benefitted from being served warmer, the soup was full of flavour with a good kick to it.

The Chief Taster plumped for the baked camembert, served with a loaf of crusty white bread and a pot of cranberry jam. Now this is meant to be a sharing dish, so those with a smaller appetite please be aware. This however didn’t prevent The Chief Taster from leaving a very clean plate. He did however allow me to have a nibble and I can confirm the camembert was gorgeous, warm and creamy and the cranberry jam added a lovely sweet finish.

Onto the mains. Not one to ever tire of having fish I ordered the trout. Pan-fried, the skin was delicious and crispy and it was served with wilted spinach, semi sun dried tomatoes and pureed cauliflower. My only gripe was the cauliflower was a little bland but this may have been because it was just overpowered by the strong flavours of the sundried tomatoes. All in all very tasty and another clean plate from my corner.

The Chief Taster’s main course was another masterpiece. His Scottish beef and rosemary burger was served in a toasted focaccia bun, served with a hickory barbecue relish, blue cheese and bacon. Not only was its appearance impressive, but the flavours were also pretty impressive. Served with a really fresh coleslaw on the side and chunky crispy home made chips, just like my mum used to make, this was Sunday lunch at its best. And we didn’t stop there. We also put the onion rings to the test. These were good, if a little oily and I suspect if they were left to cool down, would go a little soggy.

The fact that neither of us had room for pudding, speaks volume. I did opt for a pot of peppermint tea however. Rather than just a teabag in a teapot, this was fresh mint in a teapot and was beautifully refreshing. And the tablet was a lovely finish.

For a Sunday pub lunch in a relaxed stylish setting The Magnum ticked all the right boxes. And as we began to leave more people began to arrive for a later lunch. They had evidently had a later Saturday night than us!

1 Albany St, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 3PY

0131 557 4366




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