Cheesy Fish Pie

Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front of late. With a move south planned in the next couple of months, I’ve been a little distracted – but more on that all in good time. Regardless of moving and packing we can’t sacrifice meal times.

So if you’re looking to spice up your weekly eating plan, then fish is always a great option. And I’m not talking about a fish supper from the local chippy, wrapped in newspaper and soaked in vinegar!

Fish provides a great alternative to red meat or chicken and you won’t have to sacrifice flavour or taste. Healthy and versatile, my cheesy fish pie is a great idea for dinnertime. Looking ahead to Easter weekend, if you’re entertaining friends and family this is also a great recipe for Sunday lunch.

The Cooking Bit…

Cheesy Fish Pie (serves 6)

  1. Begin by boiling six eggs. Once they are ready peel, cut in half and leave to the side.
  2. To make the white sauce, add 600ml of semi skimmed milk to a pan on a low heat and sift in 100g of plain flour. Gently stir, until it becomes thicker and add in 50g of grated cheddar cheese and season with ground pepper.
  3. In a little rapeseed oil fry two chopped bunches of spring onion until golden. Chop two salmon steaks and two cod steaks into chunky pieces and add to the spring onions along with 300g of prawns. Cover the fish with the white sauce and cook on a low heat for 10 minutes. Transfer the fish mixture to a baking dish and place the eggs on top. Leave to cool for an hour and a half.
  4. To make the mash peel and chop in half 900g of potatoes and cook for 20 – 25 minutes. Add a little milk, season with pepper and add a little more cheddar cheese, depending on your taste. Using a hand held masher, mash until fluffy. Top the fish pie with the mash and grate 100g of cheddar cheese on top. Bake in the oven for 55 minutes and for a crispy top place the pie under the grill for 5 minutes. Serve with salad, crusty bread and don’t forget the peas!









2 thoughts on “Cheesy Fish Pie

  1. carolinehendersonmedia says:

    We have guests coming to stay next weekend and I’ve been looking for some inspiration – this will work perfectly! Can’t wait to try it!

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