In the Spotlight with…Paul Wedgwood, Wedgwood The Restaurant

Wedgwood The Restaurant has fast become one’s of Edinburgh’s most popular restaurants on the culinary scene. Fine dining, that isn’t pretentious, you’ll be guaranteed a relaxed and memorable dining experience – because that’s what eating out should be like.

Working behind the scenes to ensure the cogs keep turning is Paul Wedgwood, who learned his craft in the Lake District. His passion and ambition led him to opening this gem on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, where you’ll enjoy dishes inspired by his travels. What’s more as a champion of foraging you may also be treated to some of his very own finds.

This month we find out a little more about the man behind Wedgwood The Restaurant from the legacy he wants to leave behind, to who he would invite to dinner!

1.Name: Paul Wedgwood

2. Current position:  Chef owner at Wedgwood The Restaurant.

3. What is your signature dinner party dish? I’ve never cooked the same thing twice, I would always create the menu around fresh local shellfish and foraged food in season.

4. Who encouraged you to get into the kitchen?  No one actively encouraged me into the hospitality industry although my up bringing as a child was very fortunate.  I was exposed to local seasonal foods and game, fine and exotic food cooked at home by my parents, that along with early foreign travel, being able to visit restaurants in France and throughout Europe gave me the foodie bug from an early age.

5. What store cupboard essentials could you not live without? A great rapeseed oil, double ’00’ pasta flour, smoked paprika, a range of dried seaweeds and white pepper.

6. What five dishes should everyone be able to cook from scratch? A good Scottish mussel dish, venison casserole, curry, Bolognese, and a hearty Scottish breakfast.

7. What five famous people would you like to invite to your own home to cook for? Bill Shankly, the late great Charlie Trotter, Jeremy Clarkson, Mikey Flanagan, Stephen King.

8.What do the contents of your own fridge at home say about you? Always ready to entertain and a great cheese selection and wine ready to match!

9. What do you do to relax when you’re not cooking up a storm? Forage for wild food and ride my bike.

10. What sort of legacy would you like to leave in the world of food? That people would be more focused on eating local and sustainable especially wild foods, rather than imported products with huge food miles and dismissed nutrional properties.


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