In the Spotlight with…Scott Catchpole, Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway

On Tuesday Edinburgh’s Stockbridge welcomed a new addition to its eating scene, broadening the diversity of dining options in my favourite area of town.

The new venture, Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway, is Mark Greenaway’s second restaurant in the capital and can be found located in the recently-closed Café Fish on North West Circus Place in Stockbridge.

Although Mark will very much be at the helm, working closely with him is head chef Scott Catchpole, who is our guest chef this month. Scott joined the team at Restaurant Mark Greenaway in May 2013, leaving in November 2013 to help Mark open up this exciting new culinary chapter.

He and Mark will take the classic French bistro concept and revitalise it by adding imaginative dishes, a dessert bar and a 5-course grazing menu matched with whisky, beer and spirits to showcase drinks produced in Scotland.

With a career beginning 16 years ago, Scott who originally hails from Yorkshire, describes his style as “easily understandable but with slight twists and sometimes unexpected outcomes”.  As a national finalist in the Craft Guild of Chef Awards in 2003, Scott is relishing this exciting new opportunity to work with Mark and I think out taste buds will be in for a few pleasant surprises.

Scott Catchpole, head chef at Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway

1. Name: Scott Catchpole

2. Current position: Head Chef at Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway

3. What is your signature dinner party dish? I love to use grains and especially quinoa, so probably a nice, spiced free-range chicken breast with roasted fennel, root vegetables and quinoa cooked in a brown chicken stock. Not too fussy or time consuming, but really earthy and tasty.

4. Who encouraged you to get into the kitchen? My home economics teacher at secondary school. I wasn’t going to take it as I was the only boy in the class but she persuaded me and I haven’t looked back.

5. What store cupboard essentials could you not live without? Some really good granary bread, and I hate to say it, but I love BBQ sauce!

6. What five dishes should everyone be able to cook from scratch? A good Sunday lunch, it’s my favorite meal, everyone loves it and you have it all on one plate. Sheperd’s pie, a staple when growing up and great comfort food. I think a basic soup is a great thing to know how to cook, with so many different combinations, you can experiment so much. It’s always nice if you can make some kind of dessert either a pie or a tart so that you can make pastry and again experiment with whatever seasonal products you have around. Lastly bread, who doesn’t love bread? and the smell of your kitchen when you are baking it is just the best.

7. Which five famous people would you like to invite to your own home to cook for? Eddie Vedder, Thierry Henry, Haruki Murakami, Salvador Dali and Micky Flanagan. That would be a crazy night!

8. What do the contents of your own fridge at home say about you? That I’m not there enough. My fridge is usually quite sparse but it does have produce to be able to knock up a quick salad when I get home.

9. What do you do to relax and unwind when you’re not cooking up a storm? Whenever I do get the time I love to snowboard, I have worked in the mountains a few times and I just love the adrenaline.

10.  What sort of legacy would you like to leave in the world of food? I would like to be remembered as someone who really loved, respected and gave his all for the industry and also tried to do something more than the norm.

Bistro Moderne by Mark Greenaway 15 North West Circus Place

Edinburgh EH3 6SX

Tel. 0131 225 4431



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