Kitchen Musings….

According to Alex Hoffer and Stacey O’Gorman, the dynamic and creative duo who are the Meringue Girls, it’s time for the cupcake and macaroon to move over. They believe both have had their time in the spot light and its now time to make way for the meringue. However we’re not just talking about the humble pavlova.

They’re whisking up colourful and delicious meringues which come in a wonderful range of  flavours, including cinnamon, raspberry, lavender and even gin and tonic flavour, putting a twist on a classic favourite. Their new book, Meringue Girls Cookbook, is a feast for the eyes and the senses. You’ll never look at a meringue in the same way again. This is definitely a must for your cook book shelf or add it to your Christmas wish list.

Meanwhile my favourite shop, Anthropologie, which oozes style from every corner, is currently home to a wide range of beautiful gift inspiration for the domestic godness (or god) in your life. I got a taster for our wedding however I don’t think I’ll be able to stop at the mugs or the poppy pie dish. There is also a rolling pin and a brownie dish, which both make for suitably stylish and adorable baking tools!

With Christmas fast approaching have you begun planning what your going to cook for the big day? Perhaps the idea alone fills you with fear and dread or perhaps your looking for some inspiration and would like to divert away from tradition.

If this is the case then why not book your place on the Authentic Italian Christmas Masterclass, which the award winning Edinburgh New Town Cookery School is hosting this Saturday (30 November).

Impress friends and family this Christmas by bringing your home cooking to life with a menu of authentic, festive Italian dishes from Hotel Missoni Edinburgh’s Head Chef Mattia Camorani. As a master of the kitchen and an expert of Italian hospitality, Mattia will share his secrets to making festive family entertaining a success by bringing a touch of the Mediterranean to the dinner table. The is sure to be a refreshing change to turkey and sprouts!


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