The Scran & Scallie

In December I treated the Chief Taster for his 30th birthday and we dined liked kings in the Michelin star restaurant The Kitchin. We met the man himself behind the growing Kitchin Brand and were treated like royalty. Each course served was sublime. It was an incredible taste adventure and a theatrical performance, which deserved a standing ovation.

Having been tempted to try out the latest venture driven by the team behind both The Kitchin and Castle Terrace, I was very excited when a friend suggested we should have lunch in The Scran & Scallie, nestled in Edinburgh’s bustling Stockbridge.

It’s a gastro pub, which offers good hearty food in a relaxed atmosphere, which also boasts a rustic charm, that I would happily transfer into my own home. However we’re here for the food, as much as I had fallen in love with the interiors. At first glance the prices are rather steep but between Monday and Friday they serve a three course lunch for £15, which screams good value. The options are also in keeping with what food is currently in season.

As it’s October I opted for the pumpkin risotto which had been beautifully slow cooked and made with pearl barley grains. My first impression was the portion size was slightly small. Had the Chief Taster been here he would have been ordering additional sides. However appearances can be deceiving. This was a filling and delicious lunch option full of seasonal goodness. As a side dish I selected the braised cabbage and bacon, which again ticked all the right boxes. Had it also had chestnuts in it, it would have had a definite festive kick to it!

My friend went with the roasted autumnal vegetable dish with a poached egg on top. This was a very colourful and inviting plateful, of glazed carrots, pumpkin and aubergines which was again very filling. Her side dish of cauliflower cheese had us both beaten. Delicious and comforting as cauliflower ought to be but it could have been a main meal on it’s own. A great one for the kids.

Admittedly I didn’t opt for a dessert as I have a wedding dress to fit into in four weeks. However the rhubarb fool, chocolate tart as well as the apple and cherry crumble all sounded very inviting and I have a suspicion I’ll be back with The Chief Taster in the fullness of time.

This is one brand that is growing from strength to strength and it certainly isn’t a case of style over substance. Honest good seasonal food, topped off with great service. What I want to know is, what will Mr Kitchin’s next venture in the culinary world be?

The Scran & Scallie
1 Comely Bank Road
Edinburgh EH4 1DT

Telephone 0131 332 6281


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