Breakfast Ideas to Pack a Punch

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and those who know me well will also tell you I’m a creature of habit. To kick start my day every morning I religiously enjoy a bowl of porridge, a glass of fresh orange juice and a large mug of fresh coffee. However, having recently read these fantastic breakfast ideas from the Guardian, I reckon it’s time to break the mould, live life on the edge and jazz up what is the most important meal of the day. Quick and simple, don’t reserve these recipes for a lazy Sunday morning. Enjoy them throughout the week too. Make a real meal out of breakfast!

Decadent Toast

  1. You will need two slices of good quality bread, toasted – a convenient pre-sliced loaf from the supermarket just won’t suffice.
  2. On one half spread half an avocado, top with a slice of smoked salmon (I love Inverawe smoked salmon), drizzle with some lemon juice and season with pepper.
  3. Poach two medium sized eggs and pop these on the second slice of toast, which should also be spread with avocado and season with pepper. Definitely beats jam on toast!

Blackberry and Yoghurt Surprises (makes six glasses)

  1. Empty 2 500g tubs of Greek Yoghurt into a bowl and add  2 tbsp. of vanilla essence, plus 4 tbsp. of blackberry jam and mix all the ingredients together.
  2. Divide the mixture into six glasses, top with fresh blackberries and a sprig of mint.

Beautiful Bircher (makes one bowl)

  1. Add 5 or 6 heaped tbsp. (depending on huger levels) of rolled oats into a bowl and cover with apple juice. Leave for a few hours or ideally overnight to soak.
  2. The next morning grate half an apple and add this to the soaked oats.
  3. Top with 2 tbsp. of Greek Yoghurt, fresh blueberries and drizzle with honey.

Banana and Raspberry Smoothie (makes one glass)

  1. In your mixer add 3 heaped tbsp. of oats, one banana, a handful of raspberries, plus 400ml of milk.
  2. Blitz all the ingredients together using an electric mixer, until silky smooth and then add 1 tsp. of honey.  Pour the mixture into a tall glass.

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