In the Spotlight with Mark Greenaway, Restaurant Mark Greenaway

To kick off May we welcome Mark Greenaway who is no stranger to being in the spotlight. The chef who heads up Restaurant Mark Greenaway in the capital, not only has a string of accolades under his belt, recognising his imaginative, creative and modern take on cooking, but he has also made a few TV appearances. In April 2012 Mark represented Scotland on the BBC 2 show the Great British Menu and he also appeared on the Great British Menu Does Comic Relief earlier this year.

Having spent five years working in Australia’s culinary world, Mark has also worked in Glasgow’s One Devonshire Gardens, as well as Kilcamb Lodge Hotel in Strontian and the Dryburgh Hotel in the Scottish Borders. However it’s at Restaurant Mark Greenaway where he now continues to champion Scottish ingredients with a focus on local and seasonal produce. As someone who loves dessert, no visit to his restaurant is complete without being tempted and then indulging in one of his signature dessert dishes. Go on I dare you!

1. Name: Mark Greenaway

2. Current position: Chef Patron of Restaurant Mark Greenaway

3. What is your signature dinner party dish? This would have to be a one pot roast, either lamb or free-range chicken, something that can be thrown into the oven on one tray, the meat, the veg – everything together.

4. Who encouraged you to get into the kitchen? Probably my guidance teacher at school, although I failed home economics I showed potential when it came to the cooking part of the class. Definitely more the cooking than the sewing – I hated the sewing part!

5. What store cupboard essentials could you not live without? Great sea salt. Something like Hebridean Sea Salt and also a great loaf of bread – with simple, humble ingredients greatness can be achieved. With bad basic ingredients, disaster is imminent.

6. What five dishes should everyone be able to cook from scratch? A lasagne. Based on the fact that there are so many techniques involved in making a great one. Simple grilled marinated fish, getting to play with herbs and spices can be fantastic at home when you get the combination right. A roast dinner, I still remember every Sunday at home growing up, no matter what the weather, we would have our Sunday roast. Broth or soup. It’s such a great way to disguise leftovers or made from scratch it can be warming and filling on those cold Scottish nights we seem to have an abundance of. A great salad. From the humble ploughman’s or a peppered mackerel, the list and options are endless and married with a great dressing it really can make a huge difference.

7. Which five famous people would you like to invite to your own home to cook for? Jackson Pollock, Superman, Richard Branson, Delia Smith and Steve Jobs. The chat around the table would be amazing.

8. What do the contents of your own fridge at home say about you? They say I am too busy to go out shopping! For the most part we only shop for two days a week. A Sunday and a Monday when we are closed.

9. What do you do to relax and unwind when you’re not cooking up a storm? Relax? What’s that?

10.  What sort of legacy would you like to leave in the world of food? I would like to be remembered as someone that really championed the food of Scotland and did something a little different with it.

To find out more about Restaurant Mark Greenaway visit:

Restaurant Mark Greenaway, 69 North Castle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3LJ

Tel. 0131 226 1155


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