An Extra Large Easter Treat

Now normally as I’m only 5 ft. 3 I would try and impress upon you that good things come in small packages. However with today’s recipe bigger really is better. I’m a huge fan of the hot cross bun, but one is never quite enough. With Easter fast approaching my giant hot cross bun recipe is the perfect fruity bread to serve up to friends and family on Easter Sunday – if you’ve still got room left that is, having gobbled up a large number of chocolate eggs! What’s more the smell that will make its way around your kitchen once you’ve opened the oven door is divine.

In terms of the dried fruit used, I’ve used a mixture of sultanas, prunes and cranberries. Feel free to mix and match. Dried blueberries, raisins and dates are equally as good and make a great flavour combination. I recommend serving it warm, sliced, slathered in butter and of course with a cup of tea or with a cheeky glass of vino as it’s a holiday weekend after all.



425g strong white bread flour

½ tsp salt

1tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

50g dark brown sugar

7g dried yeast

125g boiled water

125g milk

200g mixed dried fruit (cranberries, roughly chopped dried prunes and sultanas)

The Baking Bit…

  1. In a bowl add the flour, salt and the dried yeast and mix together
  2. Then add in the sugar, ginger, cinnamon and the dried fruit, again mixing everything together
  3. Pour in the milk and water and create a doughy mixture with your hands and then knead it into a ball like shape on a lightly floured surface for a couple of minutes
  4. Leave in a warm place for an hour on a baking tray until the dough has doubled in size
  5. Pre heat the oven to 180C and make the cross for the hot cross bun by mixing 1 tbsp of flour and 1 tbsp of water
  6. Glaze the dough with milk and honey using a pastry brush and using an icing bag pipe the flour mixture to make a cross shape on the dough before popping in the oven and baking for 40 – 50 minutes


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